Satsang with Samvara

Sunnudag 26. júní  kl. 20.00 -21.30

Samvara, enlightened master, is coming to Reykjavik to offer Buddhist teachings, adapted to people living and working in the modern world. 
Samvara shows how to lead a happy and fulfilled life through the powerful practices of meditation, mindfulness and professional growth. 
Come and meet him in Reykjavik for a unique evening of meditation and talk. Whether you are curious, beginner or have been meditating for a long time, you are welcome! 
This event is free and open to the public. Beginners are welcome! 

„Það er meðfætt tilkall hverrar manneskju að vera hraust, helg og hamingjusöm“


– Yogi Bhajan.