Yoga Therapy with Kamini Desai Phd   

I AM Yoga Therapy™: Body Psychology Training
Supported healing from the inside out
100 hour Training

October 20th – 24th 2021 and December 1st – 5th 2021

IN SOLHEIMAR ICELAND –  ( retreat center – an hour away from Reykjavik )


Price / Verð

310.000 Is kr  for 10 days ( Level 1 and Level 2 ) 155.000kr for each 5 days 
Included is course, material, housing and food
Confirmation fee 35.000 payed as you register; Included in the fee ( non refundable )

10 dagar 310.000 ( 155.000 kr hver lota )
Staðfestingargjald 35.000 greiðist við skráningu ( óafturkræft ) – hluti af námskeiðisgjaldi
Millifærist á reikning: 0137-26-46505 kt. 6501062880.

Registration / Skráning

Please email us at

Limited spaces are available for those who want to take the first portion only.
Due to space consideration preference is given to those taking both courses for certification.

After Immersion Therapy  in October you are encouraged to practice before coming back in December to go deeper.

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Athugið að það er einn almennur frídagur í báðum lotum og því aðeins 2 almennir vinnudagar í hverri lotu.




This training is the culmination of all the methods Kamini teaches – combining healing principles and techniques into one universally accessible powerful practice. You will be amazed by the profound nature of this work and it’s amazing capacity to free the healing intelligence of the body. Journey into a deeper teaching and understanding of the energy system of the body and the critical role it plays in physical healing, personal resolution, and healthy self-expression.

Learn from a Yogic perspective how physical and energetic blocks are created through incomplete past experiences and habituated protective tensions.

Remove the root cause and the symptoms disappear
Whether a condition surfaces at the subtle, mental/emotional level or, at the gross, body level, you will learn simple facilitation techniques and assisted poses designed to release trapped tensions in the body—while simultaneously addressing the underlying aspects that may accompany these tensions.

By assisting the body to mindfully move into these areas of stagnation, we can optimally support the its own healing and rebalancing capacities.

This healing experience is founded upon energy work. Even doctors do not heal patients—rather, they put them in the best position for the body to heal itself.

Reconnect to the I AM Presence that awakens the inborn self-healing, self-balancing, restorative, regenerative wisdom of the body.
Learn how to hold the space for the profound release of mental and emotional tension
Acquire new facilitation techniques to assist you in integrating unresolved blocks in the body
Experience both prop and partner assisted sequences that address the major holding zones in the body
Lead a one-on-one and/or group session including: intake, assessment, customized yoga therapy session, integration, and debrief catering to individualized needs.
Combine profoundly releasing poses with the internal healing work of Yoga Nidra*
*Applies to those who have been trained in Yoga Nidra.
Understand the Anatomy for conditions such as pregnancy, hip replacements, joint conditions, fibromyalgia, heart conditions and more.
In addition to promoting your personal development, this training is excellent for psychologists, counselors, health and healing professionals, and bodyworkers in search of new tools to serve their clients.



  • Re-program the mental and emotional patterns that produce dis-ease
  • Boost immunity with increased blood and lymph flow
  • Reduce stiffness, pain and inflammation
  • Improve posture and range of motion
  • Reduce chronic pain and tension
  • Increased energy, Mental clarity and emotional balance
  • Transform unhealthy thinking patterns


You can be certified as a 100 hour Yoga Therapist by conducting 8 documented Yoga Therapy sessions after completion of both parts of this training. Session documentation must be completed and submitted within 4 months after the training is complete.
This training also counts towards becoming an 800 hour Yoga Therapist.

For more information visit:
*Yoga Nidra Training and Advanced Yoga Nidra training also count towards becoming an 800 hour Yoga Therapist. You must be a certified yoga teacher to qualify.


Lífið er ekki verkefni til að leysa heldur leyndardómur til að uppgötva”


– Amrit Desai