Chanting for peace with Gurudass

Þriðjudag 28. mars kl. 20.00- 21.15 í Jógasetrinu.


Komum saman og syngjum möntrur fyrir frið í okkar eigin lífi, sendum frið út í kosmóið og gefum af okkur í leiðinni.
Frjáls framlög til UN WOMEN

TUESDAY March 28th, 20.00-21.15
Chanting for Peace….Peace in your heart, your home, your city, your country, our planet, our Universe.
We come together to chant, to unite in love, supporting each others to spread the light and be peace warriors!
Donations welcome to Un Women: “Protect and empower Ukrainian women and girls”
Gurudass Kaur was the Lead Trainer for many Yoga teacher training programs at Jógasetrið and has been practicing and teaching yoga internationally for the last 50 years. She has particularly focused on the theme of Mantra.

Gurudass is also teaching the amazing course “Childplay” Yoga in Reykjavik March 24-26th 2023

“Dear ones,
The Truth is that we all come from the One Vibration. This understanding helps us see and hopefully feel ‘the other’ as our very family. With the rise of the Information Age we are able to witness in our own homes what others are experiencing. When we see suffering the compassionate heart wants to know what it can do to alleviate the suffering.
One powerful tool we have in yoga is chanting mantras. Their purpose is to melt the mind down into the heart and enhance the vibration of Love that the Heart Center emits. This vibration of Love is an extremely powerful force.

Please join us on March 28th to chant for Peace….Peace in your heart, your home, your city, your country, our planet, our Universe.”
Lovingly, Gurudass

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Donations go to: UN WOMEN 



„Það er meðfætt tilkall hverrar manneskju að vera hraust, helg og hamingjusöm“


– Yogi Bhajan.