The Way of the Heart – GREECE

Auður kennir jóga, jóga Nidra og leiðir dans á þessu dásamlega hlédagi á Corfu

Mantra Holiday Retreat with Kevin James & Susana

From the 21st – 26th July 2024

Arillas, Corfu (Greece)

Spend your holidays bathing in the healing mantras and the greek sun.

Join us on a Heart-opening gathering where you can immerse yourself in the healing and uplifting power of mantras and Heartsongs.

One year more, we will have Audur Bjarnadottir as our yoga teacher. Her lifetime experience as a professional dancer and yoga teacher is backed up with an ability to make even an absolute beginner feel equal as her multidimensional classes offer, the yogi and non yogi, a wonderful multi-style, morning stretch, dance, meditation or whatever else she plucks from the ether.

Her lightness and wisdom will touch the heart and bring positive affirmations to your day.



„Það er meðfætt tilkall hverrar manneskju að vera hraust, helg og hamingjusöm“


– Yogi Bhajan.